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Trivia Cards are a great way to educate your employees.

Trivia scratch offs can be used to achieve many goals.  They are fun, interactive, cost efficient, and produce results fast.  If you're looking to educate your employees on a specific topic, whether it's inventory that you're stocking so they can answer questions correctly when asked by your customers or if you want to educate your employees on safety in the workplace, loss prevention, human resource topics - anything!


Rather than handing out booklets and pamphlets or just giving a lecture or workshop to your employees at the monthly or weekly meetings - incorporate a scratch off card into what you're doing.  Let it be a quiz on what the topic being discussed was just about.  Whomever scratches off all the answers correctly, wins a prize or goes into a drawing to win a prize!


Trivia cards act as a double reinforcement for whatever subject you've just tried to educate them on.  Hand out cards weekly as a constant reminder of the subject material.  The fact that these are a scratch off, means your employees have to interact with the card and it forces them to think about the questions being asked (as opposed to just reading a brochure).


Scratch off trivia cards are fun AND they work fast!

Trivia Cards raise brand awareness.

Trivia scratch offs are a really fun and unique way to differentiate yourself from your competition!  Whether these are used as bar promotion or even to promote participation in a clinical study, they attract attention and get people to read your material.


Instead of handing out a brochure, hand out a trivia card!  They force people to read and interact with the piece.  People read your material and learn what you want them to learn.  These cards raise awareness of whatever your brand name or cause is.


Call us - we can design a custom trivia card for your company.  All custom cards can be printed and shipped within 1 week!



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Case Study: Employee Education Whole Foods used scratch off trivia cards to educate it's staff so their customers have a better experience in their stores.

Strategic awareness occurs when people recognize your brand and understand the unique qualities which make it more desirable than your competition.  Strategic awareness also occurs when you have differentiated your brand in the mind of your market.  This is one way our clients have used scratch off trivia cards: turn what is basically an educational piece into a fun trivia game where customers interact with the piece by scratching off what they believe to be the correct answers.  It's a unique way to get information across to your target market and educate them on your product line and brand.


With Whole Foods, we took this concept to a whole new level by applying the scratch off trivia game concept to specific topics they wanted their employees to learn; for example: gluten free grocery items, what GMOs are, and the importance of eating organic and choosing a healthy lifestyle.


This trivia scratch off game concept worked for Whole Foods because it was a fun and interactive way of learning that their employees responded to.  Instead of giving them lectures, meetings and packets reading materials, they gave each of them a scratch off trivia card.  Their staff learned the information quickly and with a smile on their face!


A knowledgeable staff means a better shopping experience for their customers.  Which turned into higher sales for the store.



Scratch off trivia cards can educate your employees on
virtually any topic!

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