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scratch off safety programs

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Scratch off safety contests.
Generate sales, morale, and overall performance from the first day.

HOW IT WORKS: Employees are rewarded by their manager with a scratch off card for exhibiting positive and safe behavior.  For example, if a manager sees an employee make it through a week without injuring themself or someone else, they give that person a scratch off card.  The prizes the employees can win can be anything from cash, prizes, a paid day off, or an extra 15 minute coffee break.











A motivated, positive and safe workforce are key to having an advantage over your competition.  Nothing impacts a company's bottom line more than having these 3 fundamental cores in place.  How to achieve this in a timely and measurable matter is another issue all together.  The good news is you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a safety or recognition program.  Scratch off cards are an affordable and highly effective way of achieving your goals!


Scratch off cards are awarded the same day or week the employees are observed doing something good or without having any injuries.  The recognition is instant, which is why the cards work.  Scratch off incentives start working and improving your company's safety record and performance almost immediately.

We can print 500 cards up to 2 million. You can have any number of prizes that you want. We offer complete design services. Our turnaround time is 5 days or less. We also offer our expertise and suggestions - we have been in this industry over 30 years and we know what works and what's the most effective way to structure a scratch off contest. Call us and let's talk! $132 billion is the total annual affect of work-related injuries in US business. (National Safety Council) read more & see samples >
scratch off contests
scratch off safety contests
Scratch off safety programs
Reduce accidents and create a positive and permanent safe work environment.

Keeping your employees on the job, healthy, and productive is key to your success as a business.  A successful safety program will become part of your overall business operation.  The basic concept of our scratch off safety contests is simple: it's immediate recognition.  Reward safety in the workplace and encourage positive behavior and teamwork by handing out scratch off cards to your employees whenever they do something positive, safe, or they achieve a goal you want them to.


We have our award winning Star Card program that can be customized or we can design something specifically for you.  We print as few as 500 cards up to 2 million.  You can have any number of prizes that you want.  We offer complete design services.  If you want posters to hang to promote awareness of the contest, we will design and include up to 10 posters for free.  We can also collate, package, and drop ship specific quantities to multiple warehouses and offices.  The turnaround time is 5 days or less so you can start this safety scratch off promotion immediately!




Click here to read more about Whiting's Food Star Card details. We can customize the Star Card program for your company! >
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First, involve your managers by having them in charge of distributing the cards.  Second, involve your employees.  In a safe workplace, employees have a stake in the success of the program since safety is everyone's responsibility.  Third, actively promote this program - word of mouth in a morning meeting and our free posters are all it takes to generate excitement.  Everyone should know they'll be rewarded for being safe and responsible.


• Reward safe behaviors frequently (either daily or weekly)

• Reward individual and team accomplishments

• Make everyone a winner ("non winners" can be entered into a drawing)

How to use a scratch off safety program
scratch off safety contests
scratch off incentive programs
scratch off contests
scratch off cards
scratch off printing
scratch off incentive programs
scratch off safety contests
scratch off printing
scratch off incentive cards





Studies have shown every $1 invested in safety programs saves a company $4-$6.


 $132 billion

The total annual affect of work-related injuries in US business.



$188.9 billion

Cost of unintentional injuries

in the workplace.



$365 billion

Wage and productivity losses.



60,000,0000 days

Total time lost due to

work-related injuries.


(National Safety Council)

 Scratch off programs produce results by immediately
rewarding behavior! Employee accident prevention Reduced lost time and days from work Lower insurance premiums Increased savings on Worker's Compensation insurance Increased safety awareness Increased respect
in the workplace Increased morale This results in
increased productivity
and revenues
for your company! Safety statistics What to expect

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