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Scratch off employee incentives.
Generate sales, morale, and overall performance from the first day.

HOW IT WORKS: Employees are rewarded by their manager with a scratch off card for exhibiting positive and safe behavior.  For example, if a manager sees an employee make it through a week without injuring themself or someone else, or if a sales associate has exceeded their quota for the week or month, they give that person a scratch off card.  The prizes the employees can win can be anything from cash, prizes, a paid day off, or an extra 15 minute coffee break.









A motivated, positive and safe workforce are key to having an advantage over your competition.  Nothing impacts a company's bottom line more than having these 3 fundamental cores in place.  How to achieve this in a timely and measurable matter is another issue all together.  The good news is you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a safety or recognition program.  Scratch off cards are an affordable and highly effective way of achieving your goals!


Scratch off cards are awarded the same day or week the employees are observed doing something good or without having any injuries.  The recognition is instant, which is why the cards work.  Scratch off incentives start working and improving your company's safety record and performance almost immediately.

We can print 500 cards up to 2 million. You can have any number of prizes that you want. We offer complete design services. Our turnaround time is 5 days or less. We also offer our expertise and suggestions - we have been in this industry over 30 years and we know what works and what's the most effective way to structure a scratch off contest. Call us and let's talk! "Companies using incentive programs reported a 79% success rate in achieving their established goals when the correct reward was offered." (Gallup) read more & see samples >
Scratch off employee incentives 92% of employees achieve their goals due to incentives! The concept behind scratch offs as employee incentives.

We want to repeat that: 92% of employees achieve their goals due to incentives.  That's a significant number!  With statistics like this, why not try a scratch off promotion?  Depending on the quantity you order, the price starts at just a few hundred dollars and we can have cards designed and shipped to you within 1 week.  Start achieving all your goals: generate sales, improve morale, promote teamwork, increase productivity, improve attendance record and promote respect among co-workers.


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Who doesn't want a motivated, positive, energetic and respectful workforce?  Scratch off cards help reinforce positive behavior patterns and mindsets by rewarding people when they've done something right.  Cleaning up a spill, walking and not running, wearing the proper shoes and eye wear, being mindful of an employee wellness program, going above and beyond with your customer service, making more sales calls than the week's quota, and of course, reaching your sales goals for the month.   Let your employees know you appreciate and value them.  Handing out scratch off cards is the easiest way to achieve this.  And it's something the people will genuinely appreciate and get excited about.  Scratch off contests definitely work...that's why we named ourselves Scratch Off Works.




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Case Study: Employee Recognition The spotlight is on Whiting Foods Star Card program These are the award winning Star Cards!




The Star Card is a scratch off incentive program where employees are handed a scratch off card when their manager witnesses them doing something good.  It can be anything that earns them a card; for example, spending extra time with a client, having perfect attendance for a week, making or exceeding quota, having a positive attitude, being safe in the workplace, etc.  Whatever issues you have identified  that you want to improve with your workforce, that's what you focus this program on.  Because your employees are immediately rewarded and recognized for their behavior, it acts as a positive reinforcement.  Winning prizes can range from cash to a paid half day off to logo items from your company.   The non-winning cards can be collected and entered into a drawing.

What is the Star Card program?
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In the video above, Ken Whiting talks with MSNBC about how to motivate a workforce. He took the budget Whiting's Foods would have normally spent throwing an end of the year party and instead spent it on Star Cards that are used daily.  The employees didn't have to wait 12 months to be rewarded anymore; instead, now some of them received scratch off cards weekly or even daily!  Whenever the employees were seen by a manager doing something positive, they were rewarded on the spot with a scratch off card.  Their behaviors and attitudes changed quickly.  Employees became motivated, energized, and aware of workplace safety.  As a result, the company became more productive and profitable.  Scratch off cards work!



How the Star Card program can work

for your company & your employees:


We have taken the Star Card design and concept and made it available to our clients who wants an existing incentive program that's been proven to work.  You can choose from numerous Star Card designs and we'll customize the card with your logos.  Delivery within 1 week!


Run this scratch off contest for 3 months. You'll notice an improvement in just 90 days.


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This is a sample of how the Star Card can be customized for your company and your employees.  We use the same Star Card layout as Whiting's Foods, but the logos and prizes are yours!

 "This program works because it's about immediate recognition & gratification."


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